Medical Specialty Appointment Pricing and Policies

Why I’m A Cash Based Clinic:

Insurance is designed to function as a mediator and advocate for the patient, to ensure that doctors aren’t overcharging for their services. This means insurance companies can set time limits, pricing limits, restrict treatment options for certain conditions, etc. At Botox by Michelle NP, Health and Wellness I believe we need more than 10-15 minutes with my patients and strive to provide a higher quality of service overall. At the end of the day, I work for you, not your insurance company.

I do not participate with any insurance company. Botox by Michelle NP, Health and Wellness does not submit insurance claims on the patient’s behalf.

Payment Options:

I take Cash, Credit cards, HAS and FSA

Credit/ Financing:

Credit options are available through an outside source for up to 90-day financing. If you would like to apply for credit, please contact my office at (801) 792-0424

**You may utilize your insurance plan to cover any laboratory work that may be ordered on your behalf, it is up to you to talk to the lab and determine which labs are covered. Depending on your plan, and insurance company some labs may not be covered, however most should be, just talk to your insurance and the Lab.

Business Hours:

Botox by Michelle NP, Health and Wellness is open Monday – Thursday by appointment only, so schedule during business hours. If a Friday appointment is needed, please call to arrange.

Cash Base Patients Fees:

  • New Patient Appointment (in person or telemedicine): Runs 1 hour, and at time-of-service costs $300. Please feel free to text or call (801) 792-0424 to see what type of appointment is right for your needs.
  • Treatment Plan Appointments (in person or telemedicine): Runs 1 hour, and at the time-of-service costs $300.
  • Follow up Appointments (in person or telemedicine): Runs 30 minutes, and at the time-of-service cost $175
  • Medication Management Appointments (in person or telemedicine): range from 10-15 minutes and the time-of-service costs $125. Medication Management appointments are only appropriate for adjusting current medication or refilling controlled substances, not for reviewing labs or other important medical questions. This can not be done over the phone, or via Text message. I need to have your chart and to document properly.

***Above fees are only for office visits. Does not include other treatments, supplements, labs, or any other supply or service.

Cancellation Policy:

We require a minimum of 24hr (Business hours) notice for cancellation of Office Visits, or other treatments. If we don’t receive a cancellation notice, there will be a $75 charge. Cancellation notices are not accepted the night before or during the weekend.

Primary Care:

Patients should maintain a primary care physician for any sick care, emergencies, and for their routine medical needs. All patients are required to have a primary care physician. Our clinic does not provide on-call after-hour services and we do not provide Sick care, emergency medical service or admit patients to the hospital or care for patients in the hospital.
****If you are sick, or think you may be sick please reschedule.

Emails and Text Consults:

Email or texting correspondence is not appropriate for urgent medical needs, and it is not intended for medical advice or diagnosis.

E-mail or text communication that requires more than 5 minutes of attention from your physician or medical staff will be subject to a fee. (During business hours).

  • Any time up to 5 minutes the staff spends on responding to messages to patients is free.
  • Any correspondence that requires more than 5 minutes will be sent back to the patient with a request of an office visit with the Doctor.

All emails and texts will be responded to within 72 hrs. If you need an immediate response or medical attention, email is not the right communication tool. We suggest that you schedule an office visit or phone appointment with the provider.

Letter and Correspondence:

At times, we are asked to fill out forms for work, insurance companies, other physicians, etc. In order to comply with these requests in a timely manner, we charge a minimum of $25 and they can vary depending on the size of the charts or documentation to fill out.


Any prescription refill request should be made directly to your pharmacy. Please allow 48 to 72 hours for processing.
Any NEW prescription(s) will require an office visit with no exceptions. Please make sure you schedule your routine appointments ahead of time to avoid a delay in getting your prescription renewed. You are responsible for ensuring continuity of treatment, and we ask you to oversee your prescription’s schedule. Prescription bottles notify you how many refills you have remaining. We have many patients who need the same thing that you do so out of fairness we answer and refill on a first come first serve basis. Address refills at least a week before you need them.