Mistletoe Therapy: Anthroposophic medicine has been used in Europe for nearly 100 years. While it is not currently FDA-approved in the USA, it has been utilized and well respected inoncology and by oncologists here for over 40 years. Many of my referrals come from Oncologists who work all over the USA. We use different types of mistletoe therapy to not only stop the spread of cancers, but to also improve the quality of life for cancer patients. There are very few side effects, and it is safe with all traditional cancer therapies such as Chemotherapy, Radiation etc. There are various helixor extract types used, and are chosen specific to your type of cancer. Mistletoe lectins cause DNA stabilization, by improving tolerability to chemotherapy by having less immunosuppression. It improves neuroendoctine effects by improving quality of life, especially fatigue and sleep wake cycles. Mistletoe also inhibits tumor growth, and it prolongs survival time and can cause tumor suppression in specific cases. It is used alongside traditional cancer therapies.

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